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TRIVIA Interestingly, this breed was first mentioned by Harrison Wier at one of the first exhibitions in England in 1871; Siberian cats appeared in the 19th century at the world’s exhibitions in London and New York, but fell into oblivion until the end of the 1980s, until the start of [...]



HISTORY This magnificent breed originates from Russia. Its origin is still a mystery, though for thousands of years, it has been inhabiting the Siberian Taiga with its subarctic climate which it has perfectly adapted to. Ancient legends and educational fairy tales circulate about Bajun the cat (Кот Баюн ) . [...]



DESCRIPTION The breed has a wonderful combination of power and grace, with a touch of gentleness and independence. These cats are very healthy, have a wonderful character, are funny and highly intelligent.The Siberian cat is a graceful breed of big cats.  It impresses us with the appearance of a wild [...]



MAINTENANCE The Siberian cat lived in extreme conditions and is therefore very resistant and of good health. Although it has a dense coat, it is enough to brush it twice a week to prevent complications and the formation of knots.  During the season, when they change their fur, it is [...]



HIPOALERGENIC CATS Some cat lovers are unable to have cats at home because of allergies. Researchers have discovered five different allergens produced by cats. Allergies are caused by proteins secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin and proteins in saliva. For most allergies, the cause is the FEL D1 [...]