Our cats are a part of our family. They live with us.  We share our daily joys and tasks with them. We breed them with the love and attention they deserve as they are equal members of the family.

All of our cats have exceptional character. Our goal is to breed the perfect original Siberian cat and keep it just as it is in line with its origin. We cooperate with various breeders around the world and share experiences and knowledge with them.

Among our most important goals is the health and well-being of our cats. We are aware that not every cat is for everybody, so we dedicate great attention to new owners and help them choose.

We are not the only breeders of cats, but we are certainly one of the few ones who care about the way our cats will live when they leave us to new owners.  Every one of our kittens is like our own child, who goes on a new life journey together with their new owner, and on this journey, we will be of help to both.