The prescribed standard is the basis for the work of Siberian cats’ breeders. According to the standard, on a scale of points, they assess the type or shape – legs,  body, head, chin, forehead, nose, cheekbones, ears, eyes, eye colour, hair, colour, tail and fitness.

TYPE : The Siberian cat’s body has strong bones and a strong back and neck area. Looking from the side, her body is in the form of a proportional rectangle, but is never stretched.  It is of a medium length and is distinctly muscular.  It has a firm abdomen, and the back of the body is slightly elevated compared to the shoulder area.  The neck is rounded with a more pronounced, longer and thicker “mane.”   strong abdominal area If we hold a genuine Siberian cat in our arms, the cat is much heavier than we have thought. Its legs are strong, of a medium length and  form a rectangle together with the body. They are made for powerful springing from any surface, for running and sliding on snow and ice. They can easily jump over high altitudes. The paws are round with tufts between the fingers and the paw pads.

HEAD: is proportional to the body, large, broadly shaped and gently rounded with expressive cheekbones. The forehead is broad and slightly arched. The upper part of the head between the ears is level. The jaw is slightly shifted back and forms a curved line with the upper nasal line which can be seen from the profile. The contours are gently rounded, the profile slightly curved .

The chin is strong and wide and not protruding.

The nose is evenly wide and, from the profile, slightly curved.

The ears are medium-sized, wide on the bottom with a slightly rounded tip, with a pot of tufts, spaced widely and are slightly inclined forward.

EYES: are large, slightly oval and rounded at the lower edge, oblique and widely spaced.

The eye colour must be uniform and has to correspond to the fur colour. All colour shades are allowed, green eye colour is the most desirable.

HAIR: is medium long, very dense, the undercoat is not ?, it is covered with a waterproof layer, of excellent quality. It is a bit tougher to the touch due to its sharper structure. It has to be shiny. In particular, the hair is long on the neck, chest, pantyhose on the back legs and on the tail.  The cat’s summer coat is slightly shorter with less undercoat, but the neck, hind legs and tail are all still very furry.

COLOR : All colours are permitted except Chocolate, Lilac, Burmese, Abyssinian and their colour variants. The traditional colour of the Siberian breed is the colour of a wild forest cat called “black tabby”. The colourpoint of Siberian cats is called “Neva Masquerade”. 

TAIL: long, wide and strong with a rounded tip. It is covered with dense, thick and long hair that does not hang down.

FITNESS: The cat has to be healthy and well cared for, in a suitable physical condition.