Some cat lovers are unable to have cats at home because of allergies. Researchers have discovered five different allergens produced by cats. Allergies are caused by proteins secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin and proteins in saliva. For most allergies, the cause is the FEL D1 protein. It has been shown that Siberian cats excrete less FEL D1 protein than other cats. Therefore, it is widely believed that the Siberian cat is a hypoallergenic cat (hypo means less). Because of this feature, Siberian cats are recommended as a breed for people with allergies. A lot of people with allergies are able to live with Siberian cats easily. If you have allergies and are at the same time a cat lover, this breed is one of the most appropriate ones for you. It is advisable, however, to spend some time on the breeding site before buying and if you have no reactions, you can safely take the kitten home.