The Siberian cat was formed through natural selection without human intervention regarding its formation and development. Evolutionary speaking, this is one of the healthiest breeds of cats in the world. It is a healthy and highly resistant breed without characteristic diseases. The very old illustrations of Bajun the cat testify that this breed has not changed over the centuries at all. Good health is certainly its advantage over many other breeds. Nature has created the magnificent Siberian cat, and the goal of breeders is to preserve it that was, so that it stays originally wild and natural, strong, large, healthy and with thick fur.

Many cats may have different health problems due to genetics. Siberian cats are generally among the healthiest of cats; however, studies have detected the possibility of the occurrence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is a form of heart disease that increases the size of the heart muscle. This disease occurs in purebred cats with pedigrees as well as in ordinary, domestic  cats without pedigrees. Most responsible breeders of Siberian cats examine their cats and submit their parents’ health reports when purchasing kittens. Thus, breeders of Siberian cats care for the preservation of what nature has created and has gifted to us – the fantastic healthy Siberian cat.