The Siberian cat has a luxuriously dense, medium-long coat, which is three-layered, slightly hard to the touch. The upper coat is solid and partly greasy as it protects against rain and snow. The undercoat is dense, wooly and soft and protects against cold. In particular, the areas around the neck and tail have especially dense and luxurious fur which is designed to protect the face and feet from the cold. The paws have tufts of hair in between the fingers and in the area of paw pads​​, which protect against frostbite. The ears are also hairy with tufts. At the front of the body, the fur is slightly longer. The length varies and changes with seasons, in winter it is thicker than in the summer. The cat’s fur is characteristically waterproof, and protects its skin from dirt. All types of colours are allowed except lilac, cinnamon, deer and chocolate colours. Siberian cats with blue eyes exist, which have their nose tips, ears, paws and tip of the tail of a slightly darker colour than the rest of their fur; such Siberian cats are called Neva Masquerade.