The breed has a wonderful combination of power and grace, with a touch of gentleness and independence. These cats are very healthy, have a wonderful character, are funny and highly intelligent.

The Siberian cat is a graceful breed of big cats.  It impresses us with the appearance of a wild cat with gentle eyes and a proud aristocratic posture. Its legs are strong, of a medium length, the back ones are slightly longer for the purposes of jumping, Its elongated, strong muscular body is covered with thick three-layer coat. The paws are large, round, with distinctive tufts of hair between the fingers. The tail is long, bushy, with thick hairs. The head is large, in the form of a rounded triangle with a wide frontal part, with soft and gentle facial features and well-developed cheekbones. The middle-sized nose is slightly cracked from the profile. The jaw is slightly shifted back and forms a rounded soft line with the upper part of the nose which can be seen from the side.  The eyes are large, well-spaced, slightly oval and slanted. All colours are allowed, the preferred and most attractive one is the colour green.  The ears are medium sized, moderately spaced, wide and well-formed with distinctive hairs. The neck is round and strong with thicker fur.  They are one of the heaviest cats, usually weighing between 8 and 17 kilograms, even more, females are slightly lighter than males. They grow slowly and reach their full size only after the age of five.