Behind a wild appearance and a powerful build hides a gentle kitten, loyal to her owner. It is a calm and obedient cat who loves to cuddle and play. It is extremely gifted with regard to high jumping and climbing to the highest spots. Due to its intelligence, it quickly learns various tricks and commands. Many say this is a cat with a dog’s character. It is happy to fetch balls, follow us at all times and take part in our tasks. In doing so, it likes to communicate with us with a beautiful gentle voice. It loves to hide, and can enjoy brushing and caressing for hours. It expresses its curiosity with interest in everything we do. It is very capable of adapting to our way of life and accompanies us at every step. It would like to go everywhere with us and even come to our aid; however, it is also satisfied to simply observe us. When we return home, it will happily wait by the door to immediately tell us how the time of our absence was spent. Even when grown up, it remains playful and is always ready for new adventures and feats. It likes to paddle in the water with her paws, and is fascinated by water. Perhaps this reminds it of the time when it was fishing during her days spent in the wild. Even though the cat is a hunter by nature, it adapts perfectly to living in the apartment. It only requires that we give her enough attention and space for movement and play. Although at first sight, the cat may seem distrustful and cautious when coming into contact with other cats, it quickly adapts and gets along well with all of them, including other animal species. It is fearless, brave, attentive and has a loving, affectionate heart; it is a cat with a lot of patience and devotion to her owner. It is a devoted guardian, who will fearlessly defend everything that is its own, if necessary. However, just as people differ from each other in character, each Siberian cat is different from the others. We must not forget that each one is an individual and that their characters will develop in line with their genetic wiring, their environment and the people with whom they live.