Cats breeders must have a lot of knowledge, because only in this way can we contribute responsibly to the preservation of the qualities and characteristics of each breed and the related progress in the breeding of the best quality cats. The kittens we breed do not represent just us as breeders but a whole breed. Therefore, the praise coming from the judges at cat shows, as well as the praise of other breeders, connoisseurs of the breed and lay people, is a reward to each of us for our efforts and the work we have invested which enabled us to raise this lovely Siberian cat, which everyone admires and they praises. Breeders must be well aware of the laws of genetics, physiology and anatomy, work with litters and have veterinary knowledge so that healthy kittens come into the world, which will develop into excellent representatives of their breed. Special knowledge is required preparations for exhibitions that are part of the life of breeding cats and breeders. Therefore, kittens coming from breeders can never be cheap, because the prospective owners know what they are buying and what awaits them in the future with cats of such high quality. For all the kittens, socialization is important since their very first day of birth, and good breeders constantly work with them. In this way, kittens become friendly and confident with a lot of self-confidence. The work of the breeder is nice but hard and difficult. In addition to knowledge, such work takes a lot of time and love. Only in this way can we cultivate those real Siberian cats who we can be proud and joyful about.