About Us

The love of animals has brought us together in this wonderful idea of ​​breeding fascinating and powerful Siberian cats. Its appearance and its characteristics have conquered our hearts and became deeply embedded in it.  It is nice to be able to say that you love what you do in life in the company of people who are, to you, the dearest.  That’s why we decided to breed Siberian cats together. We chose the breed after a long weighty reflection.  We found our mirror image in the Siberian cat. She won our heart and charmed us completely.  We have a cattery at home, so we spend a lot of time together with our cats and kittens whom we carefully cultivate with love.   Our breeding is not focused solely on the breeding of cats which would be the best according to breeding standards;

our prime concern is the health of our cats and their kittens. Our cattery is free of FeLV and FIV, we regularly carry out HCM and PDK checks.  We regularly test all cats, analyse their  pedigrees and carefully select pairs of parents. We constantly exchange knowledge with successful breeders around the world and improve our knowledge with education. In breeding, we use only selectively chosen cats, so that Siberian cats are just as they were originally, both mighty and healthy, just as they can be found in nature.


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